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As you would expect, there are a number of health and safety issues to take into consideration when hiring a bouncy castle or inflatable activity set, whether it’s for an adult’s or a kids’ party.

It is estimated that around 200 children a year receive hospital treatment for injuries sustained when bouncy castles aren’t installed, supervised or used properly, so here are a few safety tips to bear in mind so your bouncy castle party goes without a hitch.
  1. Ensure the bouncy castle is securely tied down using all the guy ropes. Stakes should be at least one-foot long and if situated on hard ground, the ropes should be fixed to a solid source. Never hire a bouncy castle without the proper ropes and safety attachments for outdoor use.

  2. Make sure safety mats are positioned at the open end of the bouncy castle at all times, and if it is windy or raining cover and close the bouncy castle.

  3. Ask the bouncy castle hirer to supply detailed guidelines including information about the appropriate place to site the castle, and how to inflate and deflate the bouncy castle properly.

  4. Follow all the bouncy castle hirer’s guidelines, particularly with regard to the maximum number of adults or children allowed on the bouncy castle at any one time. If you allow too many people on, someone is bound to get hurt.

  5. Children and adults should take off their shoes, glasses, and any other hard or sharp objects, such as pens, buckles and badges. In addition, it is worth operating a rota to avoid larger children crushing smaller ones.

  6. Ensure the bouncy castle is supervised by a responsible person at all times; someone who can warn children if they misbehave and remove those who are behaving dangerously.